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Providing parents and students with resources for math support at Cooper Middle School.

Students can access the different chapters and lessons, videos and self check quizzes for review.  

Khan Academy

Free Resource that has videos on almost every topic as well as practice problems.  Students can also follow the instructions on the How To page to select specific grade levels and domains.  This is a free resource.  You can set up an account with an email address to save progress.

Georgia Milestones Experience

Here students that will be taking the GA Milestone on the computer can practice taking the online assessment.  The questions are not tailored to practice math skills, but to practice taking assessments online, including constructed response. 

Teacher Contacts and Blogs

USA TestPrep
Account ID: Cooper38
Username: First.Last Name
Password: Lunch Number

Students can select their grade level and the subject and select individual standards to practice.  Students have also been given assignments from the Math Coach to review/prepare for the Milestone.  This includes videos, vocabulary and questions.

This uses students MI Score and report to connect math concepts to their level.  Quantile measure will match with skills at or around your student's level to help increase their MI score and develop better math understanding.

Milestone Study Guides

Provided by the Department of Education, you can access study guides for the GA Milestone to prepare.  These are large documents and most likely will not want to print, but information can be accessed online.

Contact the Math Coach

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